Teacher Training

After completing the Yoga Works teacher training with Maty Ezraty in Los Angeles in the 90s, Hilltop owner and founder Hilaire Lockwood moved back to Michigan to open Hilltop Yoga, where she has offered her traditional, holistic and alignment-based teacher training programs for over a two decades. Celebrating 30 years of practicing yoga and meditation, Hilaire’s teachings empower students to dive deeper into their practice and discover the wisdom, beauty and strength that lies within.

The Hilltop Yoga Teacher Training Program (HYTTP) is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200-, 300- and 500-hour Registered Yoga School (RYS) and as a Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS). We are one of Michigan’s ONLY RYS 500s and one of only two Prenatal Yoga Schools in the state!

Click the logos below to view our profile on Yoga Alliance’s website including reviews and ratings from students who have completed our programs. We have one of the highest ratings with nearly 5 out of 5 stars!

Application Policy: To apply, download the application via the link below for the training you are interested in (please list an email address on the application that you use regularly, as you’ll be notified via email if you are accepted into the program). Submission instructions are in the application. Please thoroughly review our refund policy listed below before applying.

Refund Policy (as mandated by the State of Michigan and as outlined on the teacher training application): A deposit is due no later than one month prior to the start date of training and is charged upon the school accepting the applicant. Upon acceptance into the school, the deposit becomes nonrefundable. All tuition is due on the start date of training. All tuition paid by the applicant shall be refunded (minus the deposit and a $100 application fee) if requested on or before the dis-enrollment deadline. The dis-enrollment deadline is 11:59PM ET on Sunday of the first weekend of training. Once the dis-enrollment deadline has passed, no refunds will be given under any circumstance. All refunds shall be returned by check within 30 days.


Our Programs

We offer opportunities for those interested in becoming a yoga instructor at the 200- and 500-hour levels, as well as new 750- and 1000-hour continuing education trainings. Our 200-hour training can be taken alone to achieve 200 hours total. Our 300-hour training is for those who already have 200 hours through a Yoga Alliance-approved school and wish to achieve 500 hours total. Our 500-hour program is the combination of our 200- and 300-hour programs and can be taken together to achieve a total of 500 hours. In accordance with offering the highest levels of training possible, we are working with Yoga Alliance to now offer totals of 750 to 1000 hours of accredited training. Although these are not yet certified as full certificate trainings, they are registered as continuing education hours for teachers.

We also offer an 85-hour Yoga Alliance Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training that can be taken by any certified instructor with at least 200 hours of Yoga Alliance training.

Teacher Training Testimonials

Considering our program? Check out some of the testimonials from former teacher trainees!  

Teacher Training Testimonials

From our Teacher Training graduates.

“The integrity of the Teacher Training program offered by Hilaire Lockwood at Hilltop Yoga is beyond reproach. It is always evident that the first goal of teaching is to keep students safe, then to keep teachers safe. The TT programs are excellent – and the Hilltop studios are a magnificent place to practice, learn and grow.” – Deb Hart, 200-hour program graduate

Deb Hart

200-hour program graduate

“I currently own my own yoga studio and even run a 200 hour teacher training program myself so looking for a 300 was difficult as I wanted to be challenged. Needless to say I was and got so much more out of the experience than I ever thought possible. Hilaire is an amazing teacher and inspiration and this process changed my life. I would recommend it to anyone considering any of her training programs. She is truly inspiring on so many different levels. I am 100% happy I did this.” – Christa Smith, advanced teacher training graduate

– Christa Smith,

Advanced teacher training graduate

"This is an amazing teacher training program. I could not speak more highly of it or of Hilaire. "

Becca Williams

200-hr program graduate

Ready to take Yoga to the next level?

Hilltop offers Teacher Training in Lansing and Chicago. Click the appropriate location for more information.

We are now also offering the opportunity to apprentice with Hilaire at the 200-, 300-, 500-, 1000-hour or prenatal level. These apprenticeships run for a full year and include:

  • 8 weeks of consecutive one-on-one training with Hilaire on Saturdays or Sundays
  • Flexible Schedule
  • A permanent assist position with Hilaire on our schedule
  • All of Hilaire’s classes free to you for the year
  • Monthly free private sessions with Hilaire