Q: There seem to be so many yoga teacher training programs in the state. Why should I choose Hilltop?

Hilltop’s Yoga Teacher Training Program (HYTTP) is a traditional, holistic, and alignment-based teacher training program based off our owner/founder Hilaire Lockwood’s 29 years in practice. Hilaire has been training teachers multiple times a year for over 15 years, many of whom went on to open most of the local studios in the area. We are currently one of only three Michigan RYS-500 schools, and the only one offering a training program at this time. Our programs are tried and true, and all of the teachers on our current schedule have been trained through one or more of them, leading us to have more 500-hour certified instructors than any studio in the area.

In addition, for those who hope or plan to teach yoga after they finish training, all of our programs are Yoga Alliance certified. Yoga Alliance is the world’s largest registry of yoga schools and teachers and their certifications are recognized nationally, as well as on a global scale. This means you won’t be pigeon-holed into one studio or space after you train, as your certification as a RYT 200 or a RYT 500 will be recognized across the country and the world.

The Hilltop Yoga Teacher Training Program offers something for everyone — whether looking to make teaching yoga your full-time job, a part-time gig, or just looking to deepen your individual practice and discover the strength, beauty, and wisdom that lies within, any yogi regardless of age, experience, or physical ability has something to learn and so much to gain through our program.

Q: What will I learn through the Hilltop Yoga Teacher Training Program (HYTTP)?

Our traditional 200-hour teacher training is a Yoga Alliance-approved curriculum that focuses on all 8 limbs of the practice (yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, etc.) including adjustments, alignment, anatomy, philosophy and basic Sanksrit vocabulary to teach an all-level Power Yoga/Vinyasa Flow Class. While most students complete the training with a desire to teach, regardless of the outcome, the training is an empowering experience of self-discovery physically, emotionally and spiritually. Students are required to read several books and complete written homework. By the end of the program, you will be able to better read bodies and their energy, create a safe and knowledgeable yoga class, and have in-depth understanding of postures and their purposes, among other things.

Q: What certification will I receive at the end of these programs?

After completing your requirements, you will receive either a 200-hour certification or a 500-hour certification from the Hilltop Yoga Teacher Training Program, a Yoga Alliance registered training school. You can then submit this certificate to Yoga Alliance to become Yoga Alliance certified as a RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hours of training) or a RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher with 500 hours of training). ***Please note: Per Hilltop Yoga Teacher Training Program guidelines: A certificate of completion is at the sole discretion of Hilaire Lockwood, and will not be given without proof of full, completed requirements, regardless of when training occurred.***

Q: What is the difference between your 200-hour and a 500-hour programs?

Our 200-hour program will give you the fundamentals of teaching yoga. For a lot of trainees, this is the first time they have practiced teaching and dove deeper into their yoga practices, and it provides a great foundation for instructing yoga, as well as a 200-hour certificate which is sufficient to teach at many studios. The 500-hour program builds on the initial 200 hours you’ve earned, then adds in another 100 hours of practice teaching, assisting, and other requirements, plus 200 more hours in-class. Since you already have a good foundation of how to teach yoga, this additional 200 hours delves much deeper into the philosophy of the yoga practice, allowing teachers to truly find their voice while also covering more advanced adjustments, alignment, postures, and sequencing.

Q: If I want to earn all 500 hours at once, is there a discount?

Yes! By electing to complete all 500 hours at once, you save $1,000 on the total cost of your trainings. Email us at if you are interested in this option.

Q: What is the cost of the program and what included in the cost of training?

The costs of the current program for Winter/Spring 2023 in Chicago are:
Winter 200-hour program alone: $3,200
Spring 300-hour program alone: $4,200
Winter 200-hour + Spring 300-hour for a total of 500-hours: $6,400 (save $1,000)

Q: I did a 200-hour training elsewhere, but would like more knowledge or to receive a Yoga Alliance certified training. Can I do this at your studio?

If you have previously been trained in your 200-hours and want to deepen that knowledge and take another 200-hour training to receive your Yoga Alliance certification, you are eligible for a discount off the total cost of training. If you are satisfied with your previous Yoga Alliance 200-hour training, we would love for your to join us on continuing your education and enrolling in our 300-hour program for your total of 500-hours. If either of these scenarios apply to you, email Amy at to find out your next steps.

Q: How do I apply?

Download the application(s) below, then email to Amy at Feel free to email beforehand or call 312-702-2397 with any questions.

Click here to download the application for the winter 200-hour program

Click here to download the application for our spring 300-hour program



***Please note: Per Hilltop Yoga Teacher Training Program guidelines: A certificate of completion is at the sole discretion of Hilaire Lockwood, and will not be given without proof of full, completed requirements, regardless of when training occurred. Upon graduation, trainees have three years to claim their certificates.***