Chicago Yoga Class Listings & Descriptions


From our Community

“Hillarie was amazing, correcting me when needed and encouraging but not pushy. I loved everything about the class, it was vinyasa which I prefer. It was meditative enough but not too over the top.”

Jennie C.

Student, New York, NY.

“I have tried a few places throughout my years in Chicago and never felt comfortable in any of the places I’ve tired….until Hilltop. Part of me wondered if yoga just wasn’t for me, but after taking only two classes at Hilltop, I am sold!”

Allison B.

Student, Chicago

“It’s so hard to find a yoga studio that fits all of your needs, but Hilltop does that for me! It’s small (biggest class I’ve ever had is 9 people), laidback, and welcoming..”

Sally R.

Student, Chicago

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Classes & Schedules
107 E. Cesar E. Chavez Ave


Classes & Schedules
1222 W. Grace St.